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Dashboard:  The U.S. & Canada electric vehicle supply chain

Why a Dashboard?  

An important topic of Charged: A History of Batteries and Lessons for a Clean Energy Future is the geography of the global EV supply chain and the need for domestic policies to expand domestic production, from mine to factory. This dashboard tracks the growth of the EV supply chain in the US and Canada.  Dashboard last updated on 2023/5/10.

Thanks to Arzy Abliadzhyieva and Pranathi Chintalapudi for their help in assembling the dataset underlying this map.

Thanks to Arzy Abliadzhyieva and Pranathi Chintalapudi for their help in assembling the dataset underlying this dashboard and the support of the Brachmann Hoffman grant program at Wellesley College.  Dashboard built using Tableau.

Selected Updates to the Dashboard

2023/5/8.  Tesla announced groundbreaking at its lithium refinery outside Corpus Christy, TX, with commissioning to take place by the end of 2023.  [Press release]

2023/4/25.  GM and Samsung SDI announce plans for 30GWh battery cell factory to open in 2026.  Location TBD.  [Press release]

2023/4/20.  Microvast announced plans to build its advanced separator plant in Hopkinsville, KY. [Press release]

2023/4/13.  Group14 started construction on BAM-2, its silicon battery materials factory, in Moses Lake, Washington. [Press release]

2023/3/30.  Sayona Mining and Piedmont Lithium restarted lithium spodumene production at mine in Quebec. [Press release]

2023/3/29.  Faraday Future began production of its flagship EV at ieFactory in Hanford, California. [Press release]


2023/3/26.  Cirba Solutions announces recycling facility near Columbia, South Carolina. [Press release]  

2023/3/24.  Ford announces production target of 500,000 trucks per year for BlueOval City in Stanton, Tennessee. [Press release]

2023/3/24.  LG Energy Solution announced plans for Arizona battery factory would be four times larger than initially announced. [Press release]

2023/3/6. Scout Motors (backed by Volkswagen) plans EV factory for Blythewood, South Carolina. [Press release]

2023/3/6. Amprius is planning a silicon anode battery cell factory for Brighton, Colorado. [Press release]

2023/3/2.  Construction has started on Lithium Americas mine at Thacker Pass, despite last-minute legal action.   [Media coverage]

2023/3/1.  Li-Cycle announced conditional loan from DOE's Advanced VEhicles Manufacturing Loans Program. [Press release]

2023/3/1.  Tesla announced plans to build a new EV factory in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.  [Media coverage]

2023/2/13.  Ford announced plans to build a 35 GWh battery factory employeeing 2500 people in Marshall, Michigan in partnership with CATL.  It is a $3.5 billion investment with a target production date of 2026.  The plant will produce LFP batteries.  [Press release]

2023/2/9.  Redwood Materials announced the start of production at its Northern Nevada Battery Materials Campus and $2 billion loan from the DOE's Advanced Vehicles Manufacturing Loans Program.  [Press release]


2023/2/8.  Lithium America's Thacker Pass mine inches closer to construction, despite opposition from the indigenous community and environmentalists, with a favorable court ruling and a $650 million investment from GM.  [GM Press release][Media coverage]

Errors?  Updates?  Missing sites?  
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James Morton Turner, Charged:  A History  of Batteries and Lessons for a Clean Energy Future (University of Washington Press, 2022).

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