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Dashboard:  The U.S. & Canada electric vehicle supply chain

Why a Dashboard?  

An important topic of Charged is the geography of the global EV supply chain and the need for domestic policies to expand domestic production, from mine to factory. This dashboard tracks the growth of the EV supply chain in the US and Canada.

Using the Dashboard

Open the left side panel to filter the supply chain.  "Type to Filter" can search facilities by manufacturer (Ford, Tesla, LG, etc.).  Sites can also be selected based on their Status, Activity, and Product. Click on an individual facility for more information.

Errors?  Missing sites?  
If you have corrections or information that would improve this map, please contact us using this form.  This site is a work in progress.  We'll be updating it regularly.

Open or hide this side panel.  Allows filtering supply chain based on status, product, etc.

Open this side panel to see a list
of sites in
the supply
chain.  (It lists only sites currently visible on map.)

♦︎   Operating 
 ♦︎   Partial Operation; Under Construction
 ♦︎   Piloting Operation
 ♦︎   Planned Project
 ♦︎   Rumored Project
 ♦︎   Under Construction

Shaded Circles scaled to represent
targeted production levels (when data is available).  Color matches operating status.


250 mile diameter = 1 million EVs (or support for 1 million EVs per year)

Thanks to Arzy Abliadzhyieva and Pranathi Chintalapudi for their help in assembling the dataset underlying this map and the support of the Brachmann Hoffman grant program at Wellesley College.

Some Tips for Using the Dashboard

How do I open the search panel? Open the search panel, located at the upper left corner of the map.

Want to see where Ford's or Tesla's EV manufacturing sites are? Open the search panel and type "Ford" or "Tesla" into "Type to Filter."  This strategy can filter the map based on any key word.

Want to see mines that supply critical minerals for batteries? Open the search panel, expand "Mfg Activity" and select "Extraction."  To see mines that supply lithium, further narrow the search:  expand "Mfg Product" and select "Lithium."  

Want to see a list of the supply chain sites? Opening the right side panel shows a list of all sites visible on the map.  Selecting the ✜ in that list will highlight that site on the map and open up its detailed pop-up window.

Want more details about a particular site? Selecting an individual site opens a pop-up with further information, including timeline, production levels, and additional resources.

Want to see close-up satellite imagery of a site? Select an individual site and open the Google Earth link.

James Morton Turner, Charged:  A History  of Batteries and Lessons for a Clean Energy Future (University of Washington Press, 2022).

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