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The US has big EV goals. Can the domestic EV industry meet them? by Jeff St. John

Jay Turner is having a hard time keeping up with the flood of investment in the U.S. electric-vehicle supply chain that was unlocked by last year’s Inflation Reduction Act. Every week it seems there’s a new announcement, and that means he has to update his tally of the tens of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs flowing into the space.

The latest update in late May from Turner, a professor of environmental studies at Wellesley College and author of Charged, a book on the history of batteries, tallied 48 new projects representing a combined $50.3 billion in investment. That’s at least $3.8 billion more than he and his students had tallied just 30 days before.

Read the rest of this story, by Jeff St. John, at Canary Media.


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